Current Idols

Zion McGill is a 15-year-old sophomore at Dwight Morrow High School. Zion is familiar with being onstage, but he is usually dancing or performing spoken-word poetry. He decided to audition for Idol because he’s passionate
about singing and wanted to try something new. His musical influences are Frank Ocean and Fantasia. He hopes that this experience will help him to grow as an artist. He thanks his mom for encouraging him to audition and participate in Idol.





Andrew Jones is an 18-year-old senior at Dwight Morrow High School. He has no prior experience performing, but his friends always told him he could sing. He decided to try out for Idol because he wanted to get out of his
comfort zone in his senior year. Andrew is a quarterback for the football team and also runs indoor track. As a first time performer, he hopes to gain experience and become more comfortable on stage. His biggest musical influence is Ne-Yo. He wants to thank his friends and family for encouraging him.





Le’Keil Herring is an 18-year-old senior at Dwight Morrow High School who is a second-time Idol. He looks up to singers like John Legend and Jamie Foxx. He plans on becoming a chef. Although Le’Keil doesn’t want to become
a singer in the future, he puts effort into everything he does, including singing. Le’Keil’s mother always believes and supports him in anything that he does, for which he is truly grateful.






Joseph Liberti is a 14-year-old freshman in AE and frequent performer. Although he has performed many other times, this is his first time doing so in a competitive setting. He is currently a cast member in DMAE’s version
of RENT. He hopes to gain valuable experience and become well known throughout the community. He thanks his parents for helping him get to this point.






Tiffany Moon is a 15-year-old DMAE freshman. She has performed before, but never in an event as big as Englewood Idol. She auditioned because she thought it would be fun and she loves to sing. She hopes to gain more stage experience and become a better artist. She listens to many different artists but does not have any specific influences. She admires the way many artists express themselves through their art and tries to emulate the way they show their emotions through their
music. She’d like to thank her family and friends for supporting her.





Lily Waxman is a 17-year-old senior at Dwight-Englewood School. A member of House Band at School of Rock Cresskill, she is very comfortable with her voice and stage presence. Lily joined Idol to make friends and further develop her vocal skills and expand my experiences as a singer and as a person in general. She’s grateful that she was able to build another music-based community outside of her high school. Her musical idols are David Bowie and Lady Gaga, because they are not afraid to show who they are in their music and in their everyday lives.She wants to thank her vocal coach Don for supporting her through her journey as a vocalist, as well as her family for putting up with her loudness in the house. She also thanks her best friends Shai, Ian, and Simone for their support.




Sarah Dubon is a 17-year-old senior at DMAE. Sarah began singing at age 10, but she has been studying music since she was 7. She is involved with music both in and outside of school, spending 6 years in the Young People’s Chorus at Thurnauer School of Music, another 2 years as a solo opera performer and spending 3 years as a member of DMAE’s Select Vocal Ensemble. Sarah joined Idol to experience something new and have fun. SHe looks towards her older sister as a role model
and a musical influence, saying, “She’s always been my idol.” Sarah would like to thank everyone in the show for helping to create a memorable experience.



Diondra Curtis is a 17-year-old senior at DMAE. SHe’s been singing since she was two years old, and has participated in chorus and Select Vocal Ensemble for four years, in addition to being in the choir at her church. Diondra joined idol because she committed herself to being brave and trying new things in her senior year. She wants to leave high school with a bang. Diondra is inspired by Beyonce because of her amazing drive and passion. She would like to thank God for blessing her with her talent, saying, “Even if I’m not singing gospel, the ultimate glory is to Him.” She would also like to thank her friends, Patty, Gen, Siobhan, and Deirdre, along with her cousins and everyone else who believes in her.



Deirdre Riggsbee is a 17-year-old senior in the Law Academy at DMAE. She has previous musical experience from chorus and last year’s school play,
Little Shop of Horrors. She joined Idol because she wanted to get out of her comfort zone in her senior year. She hopes that being an Idol will allow her to get great feedback from the judges that will help her to get better at what she loves to do. Her musical influences are Noah Cyrus, James Arthur, and Alessia Cara. She would like to thank her mom for encouraging her to do Idol, and her friends for signing her up for auditions.





Alexis Oliver is a 17-year-old senior at Academies @ Englewood in the Information Systems Academy. This is her second year as an Idol. She has also performed for Diversity Day and sang the “Star Spangled Banner” at her middle school graduation. She is inspired by DMAE teacher Judy Aronson. As she moves forward in high school, she plans to major in Social Work. She would like to thank Ms. Aronson for forcing her to participate again, Imani Ackerman for providing moral support, her “crazy and supportive family,” and her friends for always supporting her.







Patricia Parker is a 16-year-old junior at DMAE. Her interests include playing piano, drawing, singing, and drawing. She performed with fellow Gabi Arango at last year’s Englewood’s Got Talent, and also performed as an accompanist in last year’s show. Her goals are to be successful in whatever she does and “[to] make people happy—whether that’s through playing piano, drawing, or singing.”






Gabriela Arango is a 16-year-old, junior in the Law & Public Safety Academy. Outside of school, she stays busy as a goalkeeper for the Girls Varsity Soccer Team, a lifeguard, and soon to be EMT!  When she graduates, I would like to study to become a registered nurse. She would like to be an Army ROTC member while in college and graduate as an officer in the Medical Corps. She is performing in Idol because she wanted to be able to say she took a risk and tried something new in high school.