The Micro, Mini & Junior Idols!

Introducing the 2019 Little Idols!

From left to right:

2nd grade “Micro” Idol: Temple Goldson

5th grade “Mini” Idol: Jandel Rodriguez

7th grade “Junior” Idol: Sophia Chounoune


The “Little Idols” surrounded by their proud families

Starting from left to right: “Mini” Englewood Idol, Jandel Rodriguez, with proud mom Claribel, dad Eli, and brother Javier;  Second grade “Micro” Englewood Idol, Temple Goldson, with her proud mom Yaminha; and 7th grade “Junior ” Englewood Idol Sophia Chounoune with proud mom Agata.



Temple Goldson

Temple Grace Goldson is a third grade honor roll student at McCloud Elementary School. She loves to sing and enjoys music by artists including: Ariana Grande, Beyoncé, Patti LaBelle, and Rick James. When she isn’t singing she enjoys playing tennis, being a Girl Scout, and playing with slime! She is excited for the opportunity to be a part of this year’s show, and to work with so many talented people. She would like to thank her family, Ms. Aronson, and all of the Idols for their support.

Jandel Rodriguez

 Jandel Rodriguez is a 10-year-old 5th grader at The Palisades Charter School in Englewood.  While Jandel has performed as part of ensembles at both school and his church, he’s excited to step out and experience his first complete solo performance. When he’s not singing Jandel’s energy is focused on reading, drawing and a myriad of sports including baseball and wrestling. His favorite role is that of big brother to 3 year old Javier and another baby boy on the way. Jandel is grateful for all God has done for him and the love and support of his parents. 

Sophia Chounoune

 Sophia Chounoune is a singer, dancer, songwriter, and artist. She goes to the Academy of St. Therese and lives in Englewood, New Jersey. She has many hobbies including painting, embroidery, record collecting, and knitting. She also loves social studies and math. Sophia loves to sing and especially loves to write songs.